Repairs Timescale

1-4 hours

Repairs that have Health & Safety implications i.e. fire, flood, gas leak, power failure.

24 hours

These are repairs that require a 24 hour response time, typically when no heating or hot water is not available. (secondary heating may be provided as temporary measure).

7 days

Repairs that need to be completed within 7 days because the severity warrants a repair completion of 7 days – mitigating any further damage/repair/injury that could be caused.

28 days

Non-urgent repairs such as general joinery or routine plumbing.


Periodic testing, planned maintenance, cyclical repairs.

Repairs Compliance – KPI 1

Key Performance Indicator 1 – Serves as a Performance Management Tool for our Repair and Maintenance Team, to successfully achieve KP1 a commitment to completing 90% of all reported repairs within timeframe needs to be satisfied.

The below data expresses repair completion within timeframe per month:

May 2020 100%
June 2020 100%
July 2020 97.52%
August 2020 99.57%
September 2020 99.62%
October 2020 100%
November 2020 100%