National Autistic Society

Halo have supported The NAS North Services to source and secure housing for people we support on the autistic spectrum.  In our experience the process has been professional and efficient.  Communication is excellent and contributes to the success of the projects  completed in partnership with Halo.

Halo provided an individualised personal process that acknowledged the needs and complexities of people that we support, the method was tailored with the needs of the service user central to the delivery of housing options and support.

This showed a clear understanding of their commitment to achieving the best results for our service users.

Natural Breaks

Natural Breaks recently worked for the first time in partnership with Halo Housing to assist two ladies to move from their home of 10 years. Halo Housing went above and beyond to assist us with the process of purchasing the right house and offering an arrangement that truly benefits people we support. The property was renovated and decorated to a high standard and any snagging problems were dealt with responsively.

Additionally, it was a very delicate situation and Halo Housing treated people in a sensitive and professional manner. Joyce and Hazel told our Halo representative – Asif what they would like in their new home, where they wanted to live, what sort of home they were looking for and Asif worked really hard to make sure that their wishes were met. Joyce and Hazel were fully involved, went to see lots of properties, were asked what they thought and felt fully included in the process.

Joyce said “I love my new home, it is quieter than where we were before and I like that. It is a nicer house.” Hazel said “I love the garden – it is just for us we don’t share with anyone else and I can’t wait to have bbqs in the summer.”

We are currently working with Halo Housing on another project and look forward to an equally successful outcome!

PME Lettings, Liverpool

PME Lettings has partnered Halo Housing Association in the delivery of housing options for vulnerable people across Merseyside.

We consider Halo Housing to be responsible, diligent and effective in all aspects of housing delivery; and with the supporting of people with complex needs to sustain tenancies further adding value to the quality of their lives by maintaining independence in their tenancies.

It is evident that Halo Housing considers its tenants central to their business operations we have found this is a unique quality and one that we seldom see amongst other housing providers.

Chartwell Trust Care

Working in partnership with Halo is always straightforward – they are very professional in setting up new housing schemes and they provide a fast response to tenants who have complex needs.